Timberwood Park

San Antonio, Texas

Texas Hill Country Beauty ---a great place to call  home!

From Action Property Owners Took June, 2016 through December, 2016

After repeated attempts by property owners to be heard by the TPOA board of directors for numerous complaints and concerns over an extended period of time which have mostly gone unanswered or ignored, a large group of property owners put together a petition to circulate in the neighborhood outlining some of their biggest concerns. This is that document and is provided for information purposes only on this website for inquiring property owners regarding issues which exist in the neighborhood. To sign the petition send a message through Contact Us

This page is for property owners who might be following different discussions in the neighborhood involving the blog, issues and concerns, general discussion.  Items below have been archived for reference.

There are many opinions for any given discussion, and all opinions should be given a fair opportunity to be heard regardless whether the opinion is felt to be mainstream, middle of the road, or way out in left field.  The documents which are archived here are from discussions you can find on the blog located within this web page and are a part of ongoing discussions involving neighborhood and property owner concerns.  Sometimes, it seems that those elected do not hear the masses and follow their own discretion in making all decisions which affect property owners and those they serve.  The topics covered in the archived documents are a part of the process of allowing property owners to be heard when they might not feel they have had an opportunity to be heard at local HOA meetings, events and other activities.  It is important to remember that this is one perspective and does not mean that everyone in the neighborhood has the same opinion or perspective.  Thanks for taking the time to visit the site and take a look at what Timberwood is all about!